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«Ceci nest pas une pipe. Magrittette)
The valuable works of the author Daniele Robbiati are based on three pillars::
their traditional family arts,”,
his personal facing the unstoppable passing of time,
the deep conviction that the signifier can become the signified.

The traditional family arts. Daniele learns glass and metal working in his family. The shop secrets, the advice, the experience in the field are not just a job, but are an integral part of the family fabric, of everyday life. And yet, step by step, piece by piece, Daniele becomes a craftsman, a master craftsman and a master artist. A healthy curiosity pushes Daniele to experiment in the use of iron sheets as Fake mirror canvases and in the use of glass, to discover new shapes and styles, to reach new frontiers in art.’arte.
«A glass mirror is used to look at the face
and works of art are used to look at one's soul.George Bernard Shawhaw)
Facing the unstoppable passage of time. Daniele feels the inexorable flow of time, the desolation in the face of human impotence, aware of the ephemeral Human Desolation. Yet, the artist decides to fight Kronos on two fronts: on the one hand by using it to create his work, on the other by sealing beauty in art, blocking it forever and making it available to the observer / reader eternally. Here then the rust and its process of corrosion-erosion, symbol and sign of the progress of the panta rei, becomes a fundamental element of the work Slave eyes: Daniele paints with the color of time. Here, the vitreous crystallization of art becomes a carpe diem, a stop and capture the moment of wonder. Free yourself from the yoke of awareness of the finite, to immerse yourself in the infinite Absolut freedom.o (Absolut freedom).
The signifier becomes signified. This ideological step is fundamental. First of all, matter, or the signifier, is elevated here to the role of meaning. Iron and its steel alloy are no longer just the material or the style, but they are the Fuck Everything work. The grinder becomes the brush, the welding process is transformed into an artistic path Music connecting people. A two-way path, because it can also see the meaning change into new signifiers. The work, in fact, can also have a use in human life, assuming different forms and functions, as in design and furnishings.amento.

The time has come to defeat time and capture beauty…
Magritte's famous phrase This is not a pipe is embodied here in iron and glass:o:
«This is not a steel plate.».

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