Human Being Rust at Museo MuMi Milano

Human Being Rust, the title of my first exhibition in a prestigious and picturesque location, which is the MuMi Museum inside the Ex-Fornace overlooking the Naviglio.

The exhibition took place at the turn of November and throughout December, in the main hall of the museum, a wonderful hall characterized by contrasts between old-time brick vaults and industrial conditioning channels. The perfect environment to host my works also characterized by elegance with industrial style inclinations.

Here is the quote from the presentation of the exhibition:

An introspective journey through the effects of contemporary society on modern man..
The artist's aim is to show a different way of perceiving reality..
A reality manipulated to the point of making us believe we are free and makers of their own choices
while there are those who decide how and what we should do or not do..
Pawns in the hands of a few powerful people who, through their means, direct us towards their interests
to get rich by exploiting ourselves by making us believe we are free.
This concept is expressed on sheet metal using the power of rust to
metaphorizing the decline of the society that is slowly rotting and artistically fake beauty
represented to simulate the film in which we are wrapped.