Robba at Spazio Bixio II

February 2020, the new year opens very well with a solo show at the Spazio Bixio II gallery. A fabulous location in the Porta Venezia area of Milan.

The inauguration event was wonderful and full of important guests including collectors and architects, architects always interest me a lot, I remind you that the Robba Design project is to transform works of art into functional design elements to live them and not just admire them.).

Below I leave you the very beautiful publication drawn up by the gallery which summarizes the contents of the exhibition.


Steel is the new canvas was born from the idea of usingi
iron as if it were the canvas of a painting. The painting comes to life
through the flow of the brush, a tool that gives shape to
fantasies of the artist through the unrepeatable nuances given bya


Rust, a corrosive phenomenon often conceived as
negative, it acquires in this process an unprecedented key of
reading going to determine the added value of the work..
Subsequently the canvas is crystallized and framed in nel
glass. The element of glass, isolating the work from the environmentte
external, it manages both to block the erosion process and to donate them
elegance and shine, enhancing the materiality and the contrasts.

The exhibition represents an abstraction of the introspective journeyo
of man and describes the effects deriving from contact with thea
contemporary society.

The works deal with and question the concept of freedom
staff with provocative intent. The human figure is one
stylized silhouette, which does not express as much power and mastery of
itself as rather it appears easily subject to manipulation.
This thought is expressed on several sheet metal canvases, where the
power of rust becomes at the same time an artistic tool
and a metaphor for decline and corrosion.


Daniele Robbiati, aka Robba, was born in Milan in
1992. Artist and designer, his production draws
inspiration from two family traditions: processing
glass and metal processing.

After graduating from high school, Daniele starts working
in the glass factory directed by his grandfather, where he learns i
secrets and techniques of glass processing. Her
curiosity then pushes him to experiment in a field
completely different: industrial processing
of metal. In this context, learn about the
characteristics of iron, its malleability and ductility.

Thus he embarks on a path of experimentation
artistic, using iron sheets as canvases. Up
these exploit the corrosive power of rust, which
becomes his stylistic code, playing and drawing
with its nuances.

Finally, he applies the element of glass to his works,
which gives elegance and liveliness, enhancing colors and
shades. Using the two jointly
materials of his professional life, Daniele manages to
create particular and unique products, giving life to one
original design line.

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