Realizations on request

  • Batman Coffee Table

    Coffee table depicting our customer's passion for Batman
  • POP Wardrobe

    POP Wardrobe is a work created with the action painting technique that contains a practical wardrobe inside.
  • Rusty Locker

    Rusty Locker is a reinterpretation of the classic factory locker. It brings pure industrial style to home furnishings, the cornerstone of the Robba...
  • Office Desk

    Have you ever seen a painting used as a desk AND moreover tailored for a studio flate?
  • Heroes Logos

    A selection of the latest creations at the request of our customers, the collection includes reinterpretations of team and brand logos in perfect Robba Design style.
  • Three Dogs

    Discover the portrait of three Labradors engraved in rust
  • Wally

    Have you ever thought you could engrave a portrait of a dog in rust?
  • Sunflower

    A flower grown in metal ...