Human Brand

Human Brand

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Human Brand is part of the artist's series of contemporary art paintings, the emblem of the Robba Design Brand, the most popular among the most sought after luxury and industrial style furnishings..

    • Artist: Daniele Robbiati
    • Metal engraving, modeling and welding
    • Artwork
    • Made by hand
    • Limited Edition
    • Composition: Iron sheet
    • cm 50x50x3
    • Transparent sheet protection for conservation over time
    • Made in Italy
    • Contemporary art
    • Customization on request dimensions, colors ....)
    • Available for immediate delivery

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'The painting represents the loneliness of the human being in today's frenetic and selfish world, which also manifests itself when he is surrounded by other people, each one lost in his own world, regardless of others and what physically happens around him..
Like the other modern art paintings by the artist, this work is made with welding and grinding techniques, which underline the concept of industriality of representation. '.'