Rusty Drops
Rusty Drops
Rusty Drops
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Rusty Drops

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Rusty Dropsis part of the artist's luxury furniture series, where he transforms his works into tables with a unique design..

  • Designer Daniele Robbiati
  • Induction of rust on metal and glass / iron fusion Robba Rusty Techniquee)
  • Artwork
  • Made by hand
  • Composition: glass and metal fusion
  • Welded iron base
  • 110x215x75h cm
  • 102 kg
  • The rust decoration on the metal inside the glass varies from top to top
  • Double Face top and detached from the base, cm 110x215x1.5 Kg 81
  • Made in Italy
  • Limited edition
  • Luxurious furnishings
  • Industrial style furniture
  • Customizable on request
  • Possibility to buy only the double face top
  • Available for immediate delivery
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'Rusty drops was born in metropolitan alleys, takes inspiration from deteriorated panels on abandoned streets, is inspired by decadent structures that come back to life becoming objects of industrial furniture.

In this way the concept of beauty is overturned, enhancing what apparently may seem negative.

A sheet of glass frames a sheet of rusty metal.

The legs of the table are also consistent with the initial idea: tubular iron, worn marked by grinding and e
visible welds used upside down to further recall the concept of overturned beauty. '

Daniele Robbiati